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You had me at Hello.

Curb appeal is key in selling your home. Don’t miss a chance to make a great first impression.

Certified home stager

Denise Sleeper, July 21 2020
Owner of Delta Home Staging & Redesign


Almost all potential buyers will look online when searching for their dream home.  By creating a well maintained and welcoming exterior, you will set the stage for a positive experience for the buyer and they will want to walk through your front door. Is the outside of your home showing the best version of itself?  


Here are 6 tips to get you started on creating that great first impression:


Put on your Buyer Hat 

Stand back and take a look at the outside of your home objectively.   Walk around, look at your house from different angles and at different times in the day.   What could be added, removed or repaired?  What would a buyer think?


Strength in Structure

What condition is your roof?   Does your driveway or walkways need repairing?   Do any of your windows need replacing or fixing?   Future buyers will notice, and it may deter them from looking inside your home.


Are the Weeds Winning?

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and rid all areas of weeds.  Don’t forget those stubborn weeds that show up in your driveway and sidewalk cracks.    


Colour me Beautiful

Add a pop of colour with flowers either in your garden or in some planters.   A front door can also be painted to freshen up your exterior.


All Hands on Deck

Take a look at the  condition of your patio, deck or front porch.  Are repairs needed?  Could the area benefit with the addition of some design elements to create a cozier feel?  


Lighten Up

Many buyers will view your property at night for a quick preview.  Make sure your front light is working (and turned on).  Also add in lighting along walking paths and landscaping features to showcase and welcome future buyers.


Don’t miss a chance to make a great first impression.

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