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Preparing your Home for a Showing/Open House

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Denise Sleeper, May 3 2021
Owner of Delta Home Staging & Redesign

Your home is listed and now it’s time for realtors and potential buyers to view your
home.First impressions are everything when selling your home. You want to create a
“buyer friendly” atmosphere where people can visualize themselves living in your house.


Below is a handy checklist for you and your family to use to make it easy to get your home “show ready”.


  • Vacuum, sweep, dust, and tidy each of the rooms.

  • Do a sniff test and take care of any odours. e.g. avoid meals the night before that have strong odours. - open windows, if possible, to let the fresh air in.

Secure valuables and medication: Unfortunately, open houses are a target for thieves.

  • Remove/hide valuables like jewelry, prescription medication, and personal items.

Remove all signs of your pet:

  • Not everyone is a pet person so tuck away your pets' toys, bowl, and bed.

  • Take your pet with you when your house is being shown.

Let the light In: Light brightens up your space and it also makes rooms look
and feel larger.

  • Open all curtains and blinds to let the natural light in.

  • Turn on all the lights.

Adjust the temperature:

  • Keep your home temperature comfortable - not too cold or too hot

Exterior: The buyers first impression begins when the buyer drives up to your home,
so we want your exterior to look welcoming and well taken care of.

  • Pull cars out of the garage and driveway. This will highlight the storage inside the garage and give buyers an unobstructed view of your home from the curb.

  • Clear ice, snow, personal items from your driveway, sidewalk, front entrance/porch, and backyard area.

  • For nighttime showings, keep your exterior well lit.

Front Entrance & Stairs: When the buyer steps into your home they will decide how interested they are in your home within seconds.

  • Stow away all items on tables, the floor and on the stairs.

  • Keep your closets tidy.

Living Areas:

  • Stow away items such as toys, papers, magazines, mail, and food.

  • Clear the floor for maximum flow.

  • Straighten your pillows, throws, coffee and end tables.



  • Buyers love to have plenty of counter-space so stow away items that are on your countertop (e.g. toaster, butcher block, etc.).

  • Clean countertops.

  • Remove dishes and dishcloths from your sink.

  • Polish your sink, faucet, and appliances.

  • Stow away anything on your appliances.

  • Empty garbage and recycle bins.

Dining/Eat-In Area:

  • Clear your table.

  • Straighten chairs.

  • Stow away booster seats and high-chairs.

  • Wipe table and chairs.


  • Stow away all personal items on the countertops, floors, and in the bath/shower – tuck away neatly under your sink.

  • Flush all toilets and put down the toilet seat.

  • Polish the sink, faucets, and mirrors.

  • Set out the “nice” towels.

  • Clean all items off the floor e.g. garbage containers, toilet brush holder.


  • Make all your beds – tuck in sheets and fluff pillows.

  • Stow away items from your nightstands, dressers, and on the floor.

Now, let's get your house sold!!

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