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How to Organize & Store Your Kids Artwork

Here are some tips on how to store and organize these masterpieces and memories.

Owner of Delta Home Staging

Denise Sleeper, July 30, 2019
Owner of Delta Home Staging & Redesign

Child painting pretty picture

It’s great to see our kids’ artwork from school, however the challenge is what to keep and where.

Here are some tips on how to store and organize your kids’ masterpieces and memories: 



  • With your child (or not J), determine what you will keep.

  • Next decide how you want to organize items e.g. by year, by activity, by child.


  • Write or attach a label to each item with pertinent details such as: name, date, event, why it means so much, etc.

Display Options

  • Display the item in a picture frame or a shadow box frame. (you can keep adding your items to the frame).

  • Take a picture or a photocopy and put the this in a smaller frame.

  • Designate a Hall of Fame wall using:

    • Corkboard

    • Whiteboard with magnet

    • String with clothespins

    • Clipboard(s)


Storing Options

  • Use clear bins with tissue between the items – label the outside of the bin.

  • Insert the artwork/photocopy/picture or a copy inn a binder with sheet protectors - label the binder.

  • Portfolio Folder – this works well with larger pieces.

  • File folders with labels and then store in a box – label the file folders and box.

  • Magazine holder.

  • Keep app – store & share.

  • Archive – send in your items and they will send you back a book.

  • Take a picture and store in your computer photo library.

  • Take a picture and use scrapbooks to create a photo album.


  • When new items arrive, you now have a system in place to keep things organized though disposing, displaying or storing.


Enjoy your memories!

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