What is Home Staging?

  • Home staging is a strategic process to ensure the property is ready to sell in a competitive marketplace.

  • Home staging is a proven & cost-effective marketing tool that real estate professionals and homeowners can use to maximize home equity by appealing to buyer’s needs.

What is a Home Stager?

  • A home stager is someone who can objectively view your property through “buyers’ eyes”.

  • Home stagers showcase your house in a compelling way to optimize your homes full potential.

  • A professional home stager has the knowledge, training and experience to get the job done quickly and with excellence.

  • Selling requires objectivity. Sellers may be emotionally attached to their home’s personal items & memories. A home stager can focus on the buyer’s needs.

  • A home stager has the same goal as you (and your real estate professional). To sell your home for the highest amount in the shortest period of time.

When do you contact a Home Stager?

  • Before you or your real estate professional puts your property (whether occupied or vacant) on the market (or MLS), contact a home stager.

  • You want the buyer (and other agents) to see the best version of your house to maximize viewings and the number of potential buyers.

First impressions are lasting impressions.

Why should you invest in a Home Stager when moving?

  • Buyers are very discerning these days with high expectations. They are looking for “move in ready” - blame HGTV :)
  • Buyers need to be able to visualize what the space could look like for them and understand each rooms potential.
  • Buyers are less likely to buy if they think there is work to be done. Buyers may not have the money right now to make the changes needed to do any updates.
Make it easier for the buyer to want to buy now.

Why is home staging a valuable investment?

Your home is one of the biggest expenses in your life. When you put it up for sale, you are competting with other properties. Home staging provides a compettiive advantage to:

Sell your property faster:

  • Research shows that homes spend 72% less time on the market vs unstaged homes.

  • Less days on market = more time and money for you

Maximize your selling price:

  • Staging improves the perceived value of your home

  • Buyers are willing to spend money for their ideal home, but not to renovate

Help buyers visualize the potential:

  • Only 10% of home buyers can actually visualize the potential in a home

  • Staging makes the changes needed to appeal to future buyers

Attract more buyers through a great first impression:

  • 97% of buyers look online to begin their home search. Staging = great photos

  • Buyers form an opinion in the first 7-10 seconds of viewing your property

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

What is a Redesign Service & why is it a valuable investment?

Redesign is about optimizing your current home through decluttering, organizing or a refresh. It is for those that are staying in their current home but want to enjoy it even more.

Does mess cause you stress?

  • Decluttering and organizing your "stuff" will put you on the path to happiness, saving you time and reducing stress by providing strategies to get and stay organized.

Are you planning a future move or downsizing?

  • Editing and organizing your belongings to decide what should stay and what should go will save you time in the long run, while still enjoying your home today.

Does your home need a refresh?

  • Assesing your home with fresh eyes tby optimizing your furniture placement or adding some new paint or pillows will give you the fresh look you are seeking.



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